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OMG PPL WTF – Antennas vs Antennae

As a wireless engineering type I get irked to no end when I see people using antennae instead of antennas to refer to more than one RF radiating apparatus. I can only think that they are ignorant of how to use the plural form or are more likely trying to demonstrate their superior intellectual asshattery in their communications to fellow wireless peers.

Taken from grammar.com:

In the U.S. and Canada, the plural of the noun antenna is antennae when the word denotes the flexible sensory appendages on insects and other animals. But when the word refers to a metallic apparatus for sending or receiving electromagnetic signals, American and Canadian writers usually use antennas. British writers tend to use antennae for both purposes. Australian and New Zealand writers are split on the matter, using both plurals for the metallic devices.

OMG PPL WTF case closed!

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